Im Bild Trent McConaghy Gründer und CTO von Ocean Protocol. In Berlin Prenzlauer Berg rund um den Seenefelder Platz.

BILANZ Magazin

#Wildeditiorial On a windy snowy afternoon, I met Mr. Trent Mc Conaghy at Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin. There I photographed him for the BILANZ Magazin in his home neighborhood. It was a funny but very cold afternoon.      

Treffen des Premiereminister von Luxemburg Xavier Bettel mit der Kanzlerin Frau Dr. Merkel im Kanzleramt. Foto: Viviane Wild,,, 0049 1752319052

Prime Minister Xavier Bettel

#Wildeditorial Today I’ll show you the photos I took yesterday on behalf of the Embassy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. I was traveling with the delegation of Prime Minister Xavier Bettel. Where I captured wonderful moments at the meeting of the Prime Minister and Chancellor Angela Merkel.            

Gold girl Amanda

#Wildeditorial At the Mark Forster concert in December in the Max Schmeling Halle I could look behind the scenes and witnessed the wonderful moment when Amanda got her first golden plate from Mark Forster. Afterwards these photos were taken backstage.          

Seltmann + Soehne

Seltmann + Söhne

#Wildproud Today finally arrived by mail. The „Portraitalbum 04“ by seltmann+söhne Verlag. It was a big surprise to see my picture on the cover. Hooray!!! And in the interior, the whole then again in big. I´m so happy! Thank´s to Oliver Seltmann for the great book. Postproduction Graurot Post Production